Most agents stick a sign in the front yard, snap a couple of photos with their mobile device and call that service.  I want to sell your home, not just list it.  To that end I do everything in my power to get people through your front door, to fall in love with your home and ideally make an offer to purchase.  

Below are a couple examples of what I do to get your home sold.  I use a company called KHaptive Design to come in and take HD video tours and quality photos.  This, more than anything else, puts your home top of mind for anyone searching the MLS.  Stunning, vibrant photography gets people through the front door.  The video tours are amazing and when shared on social media sites create a buzz about your home you can't get with any other advertising.  PLUS you get quality showings because they have already walked through your home on their computer.  I have a few samples below but for more examples please visit their site by clicking this link -->KHaptive Design

The listing below was originally listed with another agent.  You can instantly see the difference between the pictures before and what my team puts together.  It doesn't even look like the same house.  The agent didn't have a video...but after the pictures you can view the video we produced.

Second if the home is vacant, or simply needs some sprucing up I hire Tracey Lock to come in and stage the home.  This takes selling your home to the next level.  Great photography and videos will get people through the front door...a well staged home brings offers!  Whether you need furniture for every room, a few odds and ends or simply advice using the furniture you already own, my team is ready to assist you.  Below are a few examples of homes I've had staged and sold.


So if you want to get your home sold and not just have it listed on the MLS you need to give me a call.  My marketing speaks for itself.

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